EMBA Grads See Salary Increases

By BizEd Staff

February 22, 2017

EMBAC releases its 2016 Student Exit Survey.

EMBA programs definitely pay off financially for graduates, according to the 2016 Student Exit Survey conducted by the Executive MBA Council. The survey revealed that graduates receive, on average, an 11.6 percent increase in compensation while in a program. In addition, 40 percent are promoted after completing a program, and half of the respondents receive new responsibilities while they are enrolled. The survey included 2,333 graduates of EMBA programs in the U.S.

“In today's competitive business climate, individuals are looking to advance their knowledge and skill set, which is a hallmark trait of what executive MBA programs deliver,” says Michael Desiderio, EMBAC executive director.

For more information, visit www.embac.org.