BizEd is an award-winning publication recognized worldwide by leaders in the magazine industry. It has won awards from the following organizations:

Association Media & Publishing Awards
(formerly SNAP)

Excel Awards
The Excel Awards honor and represent the best publishing products of the association industry. The program judges over 1,000 association publications, including magazines, newsletters, scholarly journals, electronic publications or websites, and winners are chosen for taking bold chances in areas of editorial quality, design, and general excellence.


• Gold Award, "General Excellence: 10,001 to 20,000" Category: BizEd

• Silver Award "Single Topic Issue: 20,000 or Fewer" Category:, Diversity on Campus, January/February 2012

• Bronze Award "Feature Article: 10,001 to 20,000" Category, "Game On," Elizabeth Hogan and Andrea Mohamed, November/December 2012


• Silver Award, "Magazines: Editorial" Category, "Business with Passion," Sharon Shinn, May/June 2011


• Silver Award, "Magazines: Editorial" Category, "Don't Tweet for Me, North Korea," Tricia Bisoux, November/December 2010

• Silver Award, "Magazines: Feature Article" Category (10,001 to 20,000 Circulation), "The Holistic Leader," Sharon Shinn, May/June 2010


• Gold Award, "Magazines: Editorial" Category, "Six Little Words Say It All," Sharon Shinn, September/October 2009 Issue

• Bronze Award, "Magazines: General Excellence" category (10,001 to 20,000 Circulation), May/June, July/August, and September/October 2009


• Gold Award, "Magazines: Editorial" Category, "The Time Zone of Technology," Sharon Shinn, January/February 2008

• Silver Award, "Magazines: General Excellence" category (10,001 to 20,000 Circulation), May/June 2008, July/August 2008, September/October 2008


• Gold Award, "Magazines: Editorial" category, "Speaking the Culture," Tricia Bisoux, July/August 2006

• Bronze Award, "Magazines: Editorial" category, "Work and Peace," Sharon Shinn, May/June 2006


• Silver Award, "Magazines: Editorial" category, "The Honesty Quotient," Tricia Bisoux, July/August 2004

• Bronze Award, "Magazines: Feature Article" (circulation of 25,000 or less), "Globally Speaking," Tricia Bisoux, September/October 2003

• Bronze Award, "Magazines: Feature Article" (circulation of 25,000 or less), "The Creative Curriculum," Sharon Shinn, July/August 2003


• Silver Award, "General Excellence" category (circulation of 25,000 or fewer)

Folio Magazine

Ozzie Awards
The Ozzies is the largest awards competition in magazine publishing, covering all magazines and their websites. An Ozzie Award recognizes excellence in magazine design and is a prestigious designation for only the best creative teams.

• 2003 Best-Designed New Association Magazine

Trade, Association, and Business Publications International (TABPI)

Tabbie Awards
The Tabbies, an editorial and design competition, recognizes excellence in trade, association, and business publications across the globe.


• Honorable Mention, "Feature Article," "We Need to Rethink‚ĶEverything," David Bach, September/October 2012

• Honorable Mention , "How-To Article," "Global Strategies," G. "Arand" Arandalingam, May/June 2012


• Honorable Mention, "Coping with Millennials on Campus," Steve Williams, Jim Beard, Margaret Tanner, July/August 2011

• Feature Article: Top 25 Entries category (#9 out of 25), "Lives, Not Just Livelihoods," Carolyn Woo, May/June 2011

• Honorable Mention, Special Focus—Curriculum, September/October 2011


• Gold Award, "Best Single Issue" category, November/December 2010 Honorable Mention, "Feature Article" category, "The Holistic Leader," Sharon Shinn, May/June 2010

• Honorable Mention, "Focus/Profile Article" category, "Taking Care," Tricia Bisoux, July/August 2010


• Honorable Mention, Best Single Issue, May/June 2009


• Honorable Mention, "Best Feature" category, "Teaching Business in a Web 2.0 World," Tricia Bisoux, January/February 2008

• Honorable Mention, "Focus/Profile" category, "Brand Evangelist," Sharon Shinn, March/April 2008


• Honorable Mention, "Best Single Issue" category, May/June 2006

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