Current Issue: January/February 2016

This Issue's Featured Articles

FOCUS ON THE FUTURE: Are Business Schools Ready for the Future of Work?
A look at the trends shaping how people will work—and how b-schools should adapt.

FOCUS ON THE FUTURE: Changing the Dynamic: Adopting a Future-Focused Business Curriculum
Three business schools are reimagining the way they teach business.

FOCUS ON THE FUTURE: Working at the Creative Core
Employees must do the creative work that machines can't, says Peter Brews of the University of South Carolina.

Eastern Exposure
The University of Dayton brings its business students to China through its institute in Suzhou Industrial Park.

Adding Ethics
Indiana's Tim Fort discusses expanding or strengthening an ethics program.

Disciplined Innovation at the U.S. Air Force Academy
The U.S. Air Force Academy proves that flexibility and innovation are possible even in large rule-bound organizations.

YOUR TURN: Building Better Skill Sets

Matthew Myers of Miami University says it's time to break away from the status quo.


Research & Insights

Why Entrepreneurship Could Ease the Refugee Crisis
Entrepreneurial ventures improve lives for thousands in refugee camps. 

Women Get More Credit for Taking Charge
A recent study finds that women get more credit for taking on team leadership roles than men do.

Evidence Can Sway People's Moral Beliefs
What can turn a "repugnant market"—an area of commerce that people find morally objectionable—into an acceptable one?

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Ideas in Action

Building a Mentor Platform to Boost Alumni Engagement
Building connections between students and alumni.

Aston University Launches First Carbon Week
Preparing students to do business in the midst of global climate change.

Practicing the Entrepreneurial Pitch
Why confident students are more likely to choose entrepreneurship.

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From the Editors

Face to Face With the Future
I started my first journalism job in 1979, working as an assistant editor at an association magazine. We wrote articles on electric typewriters and copyedited each other's work by hand in pencil, but we were proud of our modern upgrades.

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