Current Issue: July/August 2016

This Issue's Featured Articles

State of Development: How Business Schools Support Campus Commercialization
As technology transfer offices become more integral to university life, business schools will be playing ever greater roles in their operations.

Crash Course in Commercialization
Don Rose and Cam Patterson outline what schools need to know before they set up tech transfer offices to commercialize faculty inventions. 

When Business Students Become Angel Investors
At Willamette University in Oregon, students join angel investment groups to help decide which startups deserve funding. 

Teaching Business Students to Ask Better Questions
For business students to become great managers, business schools must teach them to ask great questions—and be great listeners. David Steinberg turns to journalists to find out how.

Rebuilding an MBA Program from the Ground Up
How the University of Houston-Downtown grew its MBA program from smallest to largest in its market—and in the minds of employers. 

Preparing the Next Generation of Financial Planning Faculty - Web Exclusive
By inviting industry to help overhaul and deliver its struggling MBA, the University of Houston–Downtown grew its program from smallest to largest in the Houston market—in just three years.

'Skilling Up' in Exec Ed - Web Exclusive
What does it take to help business professors build the skills they need to deliver effective executive education programs? Here are a few guidelines to consider.


Research & Insights

Small Rewards Spark Learning
Even micro incentives lead to increased motivation.  

How Fear of Ambiguity Affects Decision Making
The less people know about a situation, the more likely they are to stick with a sure thing. 

When Incentive Pay Isn't Enough
Performance-based compensation might motivate some managers more than others.

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Ideas in Action

Academic 'Houses' Boost Student Engagement
Syracuse assigns undergraduates to one of four "houses" where they compete—and bond. 

Product Innovation Course Turns Students into Inventors
At Western New England University, business and engineering students collaborate. 

Pepperdine MBAs Build Their Own Cohorts
The school created a website for working professionals to create or join an MBA cohort at a location convenient to them.

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From the Editors

Ideas With Impact
A friend of my family is an emergency medical technician. Many years ago he came to my brother, a tool designer, with a problem EMTs faced in the field. He explained that he and his fellow EMTs had no good place in the ambulance to put an IV bag except on a patient's chest, which seemed both unstable and dismissive of the patient's experience. So, he and my brother created a workable prototype to address the problem.

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