Current Issue: September/October 2016

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All Facets of Faculty
As the business world has grown more complex, so have the roles and responsibilities of business professors. Three schools discuss the systems they use to reward and enrich faculty activity.

Adjusting for Adjuncts
When do schools use adjuncts? What are the results? Has deployment changed with new AACSB classifications?  

Non-Tenure-Track Faculty On What It's Like in the Field
The word “adjunct” can be used to describe very different types of faculty members. We talked to four such faculty to get their perspectives on what it means to be an adjunct, what value they bring to the school, and what they might like to see changed.

Adjuncts by the Numbers
The use of adjunct and non-tenure-track faculty has clearly been on the rise at American business schools, as shown by data drawn from AACSB International’s Salary Surveys.

A Broader Look at Adjunct Faculty
Across the university, the use of adjunct professors is on the rise—and that’s a trend with many troubling consequences, says Adrianna Kezar, professor for higher education at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and co-director of the Pullias Center for Higher Education.

The Case for Doctoral Reform
James Bailey of George Washington University and Roy Lewicki of Ohio State argue that it’s time for schools to change the way they prepare PhDs. 

Business School Deans Step Up as Presidents and Provosts
Five former b-school deans describe their journeys from the dean’s post to the office of the president or provost.

The Next Phase of Management Education
A look at the future of management education from AACSB’s new board chair, Santiago Iñiguez.

Career Boosters: Professional Development Programs for Students
Events and exercises that help students connect with executives and get a feel for working in the real world.

Your Turn: Can 'Close' Ever Be Too Close?
Navigating corporate partnerships.


Research & Insights

Who Should Be on the Virtual Team
It's important to mix "carefree" and "busy" individuals.   

Don't Ignore Mean Tweets
Companies that respond well to online criticism see better performance, according to a recent study.

Conversation Better Than Social Media
Consumers are more influenced by face-to-face than online recommendations.

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Ideas in Action

Tracking Faculty Contributions
A system that helps faculty track their contributions.  

Playing to Learn
Leavey School professor Hersh Shefrin uses a self-created simulation to help students improve their decision-making skills.

Serving Online Students
How Indiana's Kelley School provides professional development to students in it's online MBA. 

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From the Editors

Faculty Examined
I attended journalism school
in the late ’70s, when half the students in class had been inspired by Woodward and Bernstein and a hefty percentage of the professors were tough daily newspaper editors who treated us all as annoying cub reporters. On the first day of one class, a craggy white-haired Chicago Tribune editor—our teacher for the course—grimaced in our general direction and said, “There. I’ve smiled at you. It’ll be the last time.”

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