Current Issue: November/December 2016

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Retooling Education
Must the future of higher education be the same as its past? A handful of educational entrepreneurs are saying, “Absolutely not.” In that spirit, they are reimagining the conventional college experience. They’re not just using technology to unbundle learning from the restrictions of time and place; they’re also questioning the need for traditional campuses, instead using the world as a classroom. 

Global and Campus Free
How a “no-campus” model that prioritizes fieldwork and experiential learning over coursework could turn higher education inside-out.

Changemaker U
Should social impact be the basis of higher education? Why the world needs more social innovators—and why traditional higher ed must do more to produce them.

MOOCs 2.0
How far have MOOCs come in the past four years? What’s next? How can traditional universities compete—or collaborate?            

The MOOC-Based MBA
Laurie Pickard wanted the skills an MBA would give her, but didn’t want to drop out of the workforce to earn one—or absorb the $100,000 cost. So, she turned to MOOCs to assemble the courses she needed. What can business school deans learn through her story?

Capitalizing on Location
Victoria Business School creates close ties to government because of its location in New Zealand’s capital city. But all business schools can benefit by taking advantage of their local contexts.

SOLVING FOR X: Personalizing the Student Experience
As bachelor’s and master’s programs in business grow larger to satisfy demand, all business schools will face a similar challenge: How do we offer a personalized educational experience within large student cohorts?



Research & Insights

Research with Business in Mind
How faculty can get their research into the hands of practitioners.

Women Do Ask for Raises
Why don’t they get them as often as men?

PLUS: Examining how tax codes affect household income, learning how to cope with endless email, and exploring how investments in energy can reduce poverty.

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Ideas in Action

Hands-On Ethics Education
Georgetown trains students and teachers.

Interest in Pinterest
Northern Arizona professor uses Pinterest to boost student interest in learning.

PLUS: Integrating experiential learning into courses, and teaching business skills to med students.

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From the Editors

Duck Duck MOOC
When Salman Khan posted his first tutorials on YouTube, he simply wanted to teach math concepts to his friends and family. He had no intention of disrupting the delivery of conventional education. But once he realized that he had tapped into a tremendous demand for knowledge, Khan created a YouTube channel in 2006; he quit his job in 2009 to focus full-time on creating a library of online videos teaching everything from linear algebra to art history to macroeconomics. Today, the Khan Academy offers more than 2,400 instructional videos, which have received nearly 900 million views and attracted more than 2.7 million subscribers.


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