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Business Schools Deliver Lifelong Education
Today's students expect to pursue learning continuously over the course of their careers. How can business schools be the go-to source for these lifetime learners?

Programs Send Alumni Back to School
Business schools offer a range of specialized offerings that help alums and working professionals continue to upgrade their skills.

Collecting Credentials: The New Market for Just-in-Time Education
As more universities and alternate providers begin offering a wider array of credentials, both learners and employers are struggling to understand what any certificate is worth.

Inspired by Public Value
All types of business schools must articulate their long-term worth to society if they are to remain viable and relevant. That idea has led Cardiff Business School to adopt a public value mission focused on addressing the world’s “grand challenges.”

From Conflict to Commerce: How Business Education Can Promote Peace
Business schools must embrace their roles as peacebuilders—and more fully utilize their capacity for doing good.

Is There an Ideal Length for an MBA Program?
Representatives from three business schools debate whether an MBA program should last one year, 16 months, or two years.

YOUR TURN: Why B-Schools Should Teach Commercial Real Estate
This asset class touches the lives of everyone in the world.

(Anti-) Globalization and Higher Education 
News of higher education’s globalization has been greatly exaggerated. In today’s turbulent economic climate, it’s more crucial than ever for business schools to pursue and promote globalization in their programs.

Research & Insights

GMAC Releases Student Segment Survey
Seven types of candidates pursue graduate management education.

Social Connections Drive Responsible Actions
People who feel socially connected are more likely to believe they make an impact.

PLUS: Buying A leader's actions set the ethical tone, and today's graduates are more prepared for the workplace.  

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Ideas in Action

Helping Students Develop Startup Mindsets
Charting more than one path to entrepreneurship.

Crowdfunding the Curriculum
Teaching students to construct successful online campaigns

PLUS: University of Dayton runs startup competition in Vietnam. 

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From the Editors

Never Finished
IN THE U.S., especially, academics often describe a doctoral degree as a terminal degree—the highest degree achievable in one’s field of expertise. But to me, the use of the word “terminal” to describe any educational credential seems strange. Its sense of unquestioned finality implies that degree holders are done learning and now can move on to other things.


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