Editorial Calendar

May/June 2017

Developing the Next Business School
What kinds of leaders will business schools
need to see them through the coming
transformation of higher education? A look at
how business schools must groom
next-generation administrators to meet the needs of 21st-century business.

Submission Deadlines:
Features: 01/04/2017
Departments: 02/03/2017
Ads: 03/24/2017
Issue Mails: 04/27/2017

July/August 2017

Forming Strong Partnerships and Alliances
From academic mergers to corporate-academic partnerships, business schools must discover the best strategies for getting the most out of every collaboration.

Submission Deadlines:
Features: 03/03/2017
Departments: 04/07/2017
Ads: 05/22/2017
Issue Mails: 06/29/2017

September/October 2017

Meeting the Expectations of 21st-Century Students
Students now represent a wider range of
generations, levels of experience, ambitions, interests, and preferred learning styles than ever before. It will be up to business schools to listen to what this broad base of students wants and needs most, both inside and outside the classroom.

Submission Deadlines:
Features: 05/05/2017
Departments: 06/09/2017
Ads: 07/24/2017
Issue Mails: 08/30/2017

November/December 2017

Where Do We Stand on Diversity?
More women and minorities are enrolling in, teaching at, and heading up business schools. What strategies are working well to move them through the pipeline, and what more remains to be done?

Submission Deadlines:
Features: 07/07/2017
Departments: 08/11/2017
Ads: 09/22/2017
Issue Mails: 10/30/2017