September/October 2015

This Issue's Featured Articles

How business schools are balancing demand for their MBA curricula with increased student interest in shorter, specialized degree programs.

Going All In
The University of Vermont scraps a traditional MBA program in favor of one focused completely on sustainability.

The Customized MBA
When students asked for an MBA program that would cost less, could be finished more quickly, and could be customized to their personal interests, the Asper School decided to redesign its MBA program to suit.

Bucking the Trend
David Bach describes how Yale SOM revamped its EMBA program without conforming to current popular options. 

A Practical Balance
Jerry Trapnell and D. Scott Showalter highlight guidelines for deploying professionally oriented faculty.

Professionally Speaking
The benefits of integrating professionally oriented faculty into the business school's culture.

Gazing Forward, Glancing Back
As AACSB's new board chair, Bill Glick examines the trends facing management education and discusses how the association plans to meet them.

Local Lessons

Jana Craft of Winona State takes students on a riverboat cruise to show them regional business in action. 

From the Editors

A Narrow Focus
You are special. We are specialists. That’s the current slogan for a local hospital, and it catches my attention every time I hear it. I think it’s effective not just because it plays into the basic human desire to be seen as unique, but because it’s true. While certain conditions can be treated by any well-trained general practitioner, others are so rare that they can be man­aged only by someone with specialized skills.

Research & Insights

Productivity Costs
Overachievers can be their own worst enemies.

The Ins & Outs of Innovation
How the inflow and sharing of knowl­edge with a team affects innovation.

A Friendly Nudge
A theory which holds that hints and positive reinforcement can affect people's behaviors.

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Ideas in Action

Communication Channels
Why teaching communication is “everyone’s job. 

Tap TAs to Teach Writing
Engaging teaching assistants to improve students' communications skills.

Developing Creative Thinkers
Early engagement in entrepreneurship. 

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