March/April 2015

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Technical Pursuits
How business education gives professionals in scientific fields an edge.
Plotting a Course for STEM
Why b-schools are the perfect link between business and science.
Best & Brightest
Two executives’ perspectives on STEM.

Wired for Business
Case studies of STEM-related programs.

Closing the Gender Gap
What business schools can do to increase the number of women in the corporate world.

What It Means to Be Dean
Highlights from AACSB International’s 2014-2015 Deans Survey.

The Human Core
Human resources management is an essential skill, but few b-schools teach it thoroughly, argues Lisa Burke-Smalley of UT Chattanooga.

Looking Back on a Legacy
AACSB’s retiring CEO John Fernandes reflects on 15 years of management education.

YOUR TURN: A Classroom Covenant
Teachers and students should promise up front how they will interact in class, says the University of Virginia’s Mark Haskins.

From the Editors

The Skills to Build
When Debbie Sterling began studying mechanical engineering and product design in college, it was at a teacher’s suggestion.

Research & Insights

Truth or Consequences
Why, if people don’t like the solution, many deny the problem exists.

Open-Source Leadership
How leaders emerge in open-source communities.

Yelp as Prophet?
Three researchers at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business in College Park are developing a tool to predict whether a restaurant is about to shut its doors for good.

Disgust and Self Interest
In a study involving 600 participants, researchers found that individuals were more likely to engage in self-interested behaviors such as lying and cheating after writing essays ...

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Ideas in Action

Online Portfolios Pack Punch
Helping students create digital professional profiles.

Publish and Perform
A competition that asks academics to convey their research through skits and videos.

The Business of Luxury
Marketing high-end products requires a special blend of business and design knowledge, and that’s what students learn in an interdisciplinary program called the Design and Marketing of Luxury Goods.

Careers in the Curriculum
Career development is a crucial element in any business program, but it can be difficult to get students into the career services office to take advantage of the tools and guidance it has to offer.

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