July/August 2015

This Issue's Featured Articles

How Can We Get Funding for That?
Six schools adopt creative development strategies to raise dollar amounts big and small.

Commerce & Culture
Kendall Roth describes how students at the University of South Carolina learn how culture shapes business.

"E" is for "Eclectic"
It might be time to remove "executive" from the term "executive MBA" to reflect the growing diversity of EMBA students, argues Fordham's Francis Petit.

Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability
A look at the ways b-schools can help the U.N. achieve ambitious new sustainability goals.

Opening Doors for Doctorates
Brunel Business School in the United Kingdom creates a nonresidential PhD program in Bahrain to address a dearth of women scholars in the Middle East.

Hybrid Innovation

Audencia's Frank Vidal says it's time for business schools to develop truly integrated programs. 

From the Editors

Do You Love Us?
“Do you love us? If so, support us.” It’s this question that business school development officers ask every day. They must craft messages that strike close to donors’ hearts, so that when they ask “Do you love us?” it’s easy for donors to answer: “Yes, we do. What do you need?”

Research & Insights

Identifying Impact
The U.K.'s Research Excellence Framework begins assessing research impact to help determine funding.

Youth Not Just for the Young
Older workers can still drive innovation if they feel "young at heart."

Viral Credibility
Recent outbreaks of the measles in the U.S.—the largest traced back to the Disneyland amusement park in California—have sparked a growing national debate about childhood vaccinations.

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Ideas in Action

Social Studies
Clemson students help the admissions office use social media to engage incoming freshmen. 

Driving Innovation
University of Alabama students turn a Camaro into an eco car.

Future Proof
IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland, has adopted a new strategic direction for its MBA program called, "Navigating the Future." 

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People & Places

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