January/February 2015

This Issue's Featured Articles

Navigating Change
Five leadership experts discuss the most crucial skills for leading well through turbulent changes.

Facing the First 90 Days
Three months into their new jobs, six deans describe what skills they’ve needed to develop and what they’ve learned about managing change.

Fund-Finding Mission
Responsibility-centered management is one of several funding models business schools use to stay fiscally sound.

So You Think You Can Dance?
Finding an international partner is akin to mastering an elaborate dance. Georgetown’s David Thomas discusses how to learn the right steps.

Redefining Quality
A rating system could be the best way to measure program quality, argue Robert Rubin of DePaul University and Frederick Morgeson of Michigan State.

Your Turn: Professors Without Borders
James VanOosting of Fordham explains how good writing offers a passport between business and the liberal arts.

From the Editors

Ringing in the New
Some people wait in line for hours to buy the newest iPhone. They upgrade their cars every year and move to a new house almost as often.

Research & Insights

Sustainable Growth:
Supporting Urbanization in Africa

Making Africa’s cities efficient and sustainable.

Jobs for Millennials 
Young Americans are facing grim employment prospects and mounting student debt ...

West Moves in, China Wins
Western big-box stores view Chinese markets as a way to expand their global reach.

Null Results Aren't Necessarily Void
It's clear to see a study’s impact when its results are significant or represent a clear departure from conventional wisdom.

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Ideas in Action

Teaching Students How to Think
Undergraduates practice how to field tough questions at the University of Maryland’s Critical Thinking Night.

Vault of Knowledge
Temple University’s Fox School of Business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, recently created the Fox Video Vault to reinforce learning.

Designed for Entrepreneurship
The Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, recently opened Design Zone 125.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
Many business schools serve as resources and incubators for local entrepreneurs.

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