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BizEd reprints and ePrints make excellent educational and professional development materials, trade show handouts, additions to advisory board packets and teaching resources, and more. Reprints and ePrints also allow your institution to leverage media exposure, showcase accomplishments online or in email, and create buzz at events. Fully customizable, you can choose four-color or black/white layouts, include a logo or profile, exclude advertisements within the reprinted/ePrinted article, and select from a variety of folding options.

Usage Permissions

If you wish to reproduce/republish content from BizEd magazine or BizEdmagazine.com and distribute it to others or incorporate it into new works (e.g., newsletters, journal articles, presentations, reports), you need to obtain copyright permission.

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To order customized reprints and ePrints or to request permission to reproduce content from BizEd magazine or BizEdmagazine.com, contact:

Brandy Whited
Coordinator, Communications, AACSB International
+1 813 769 6518 USA