ePrints and Reprints

BizEd reprints and ePrints make excellent educational and professional development materials, trade show handouts, and student teaching resources. Reprints and ePrints also allow your institution to expand your brand and reach your target audiences. BizEd ePrints include fully customizable, co-branded PDF files that can be posted on your website or distributed via email.

Reprints and ePrints:

• Provide custom, four-color or black/white layouts
• Include your school or organization's logo or profile
• Exclude advertisements within the reprinted/ePrinted article
• Offer folding options

Learn More About Customized Reprints and ePrints

To learn more about ordering and customizing reprints and ePrints or to request permission to reproduce an article from BizEd contact:

Brandy Whited
coordinator, communications
+1 813 769 6518 USA

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