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Innovating Change: Final Thoughts on the 2016 Deans Conference

Keeping up with rapidly accelerating change through innovative programs and cross-disciplinary partnerships was a recurring theme at AACSB International’s Deans Conference held January 31-February 2 in Miami, Florida. The official topic was “Innovations that Inspire”—and attendees saw plenty of examples of those—but deans spent just as much time talking about managing that innovation in a constantly evolving landscape.

Leading Through the Wormhole

Sally Blount of Northwestern University discusses society’s radical transformation—and why business schools must transform the way they view leadership.

Overheard on Twitter

AACSB International’s Deans Conference in Miami was this year’s opportunity for close to 700 of the world’s business school deans to delve into the most pressing issues facing their schools. Many attendees were also eager to share their favorite insights from the event on social media.

Enabling Business-Government Engagement: A View From South Africa

Given the dire state of inequality that persists in many of the world’s emerging markets, a business school’s social connectedness is an imperative. But what of its role in fostering relationships between business and government?

Creating and Changing Culture for Good

All the deans in the room during Monday's concurrent session "Culture Matters and You Own It" recognized the influential power that a school’s culture has on admissions, retention, competitive advantage, and recruitment. But how can deans—leaders of business schools—effectively build culture within institutions often built on long traditions that can be slow to change?

B-Schools Find Inspiration Across Campus

During the session on "Creating and Managing Cross-Disciplinary Partnerships Outside the Business School," deans gathered into small groups to discuss trans-disciplinary initiatives at their own institutions, then shared ideas with the whole room. Some common observations emerged.

Creating and Managing Cross-Disciplinary Partnerships Outside the Business School 

Changing What It Means to Teach

How can business schools design educational experiences that are the most relevant to students and their future employers? How can schools motivate faculty to reframe the way they view their role in the classroom? These questions inspired lively roundtable discussions during “Innovative Trends in Teaching Business Trends,” an interactive session on Monday.

Innovative Trends in Teaching Business Programs 

Finding the Best Talent

An interview with Coca-Cola’s Ceree Eberly on what it takes to develop a market-ready workforce.

Innovating for the Future

B-schools around the world share the creative ways they’re changing education, engaging with the community, and having an impact on business.

New Deans Share Nuggets of Wisdom

The New Deans Learning Community Affinity Group, for deans in their first three years on the job, gathered Sunday afternoon to swap stories and exchange advice. BizEd caught up with the newbies and asked “What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given about how to approach your first deanship?” Here’s a sampling of what they had to say.

Don't Wait to Design Programs in Data Analytics

Our industry advisory board members and individual business leaders told us that they were looking for a different set of analytical skills from our students—they wanted students who could gather data, analyze data, and make decisions with data.

Three Reasons Why Envisioning the Future Matters to AACSB

AACSB International has prioritized looking forward to envision the future of business schools through a comprehensive multi-year effort that began with the question, “How is the role of management in society changing?”

Deans Conference Attendees View Visioning Boards 

Shifting Boundaries

In today’s tumultuous business world, everyone must become a white-water kayaker who is able to read the rapidly changing currents. So says industry watcher John Seely Brown, who will discuss this essential skill in his plenary speech, “From Scalable Efficiency to Scalable Learning in a White-Water World,” at AACSB’s Deans Conference.

Snapshot of Attendees

View an infographic of attendees and other fun facts for AACSB International's 2016 Deans Conference.

AACSB International 2016 Deans Conference Attendee Snapshot - Infographic


FOCUS ON THE FUTURE: Are Business Schools Ready for the Future of Work?

There’s no time like the present for the business curriculum to address changes in four fundamental areas of business.

FOCUS ON THE FUTURE: Working at the Creative Core

Tomorrow’s workers will need to drive innovation at rates faster than others can replicate. They must become members of the Creative Core. How can business education equip students for this role?

What Employers Want, What We Teach

The University of Tampa’s Frank Ghannadian analyzes how well business programs turn out the graduates businesses say they want.

Innovations That Inspire

The AACSB International Innovations That Inspire initiative shines a spotlight on a variety of ways that business schools are changing the face of management education.

Triggers for Innovation

It took time, energy, and passion to bring to fruition initiatives such as Tennessee Tech's iCUBE, Grenoble's GEMinG, and BI's digitization plan. But each started with what Grenoble's Hélène Michel calls a "trigger"—that one idea or attribute that engages and excites a school’s entire community.

A Framework for Innovation

What should business schools know, be, or do to encourage innovation on their own campuses?

Facing the First 90 Days

Three months into their new jobs, six deans describe what skills they've needed to develop and what they've learned about managing change.

STEM @ Work: Plotting a Course for STEM

Why b-schools are the perfect link between business and science.

The Visioning Initiative

AACSB's Visioning Initiative website is dedicated to encouraging, facilitating, and curating a global conversation to envision the future for business education.

Transforming Business Education for Global Prosperity

In the January 2016 strategic planning session of the AACSB board, ideas started to coalesce around a new mission, vision, and strategy focused on transforming business education for global prosperity.

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