Woman at ComputerWhat types of feature articles are most likely to get published in BizEd?

We look for three kinds of articles:

1. Those that detail a program, approach, or initiative at a school that could serve as a model for other schools facing similar challenges. Articles must offer useful information and guidance to readers at other business schools, not just celebrate a business school and its programs.

2. Those written by deans, faculty, or thought leaders about trends in business or business education that could have a widespread impact on the industry.

3. Those that provide empirical data that highlight important trends in business education.

What kinds of story pitches won’t get published?

Our content is focused on highlighting trends, sharing perspectives, and offering valuable ideas related to the delivery and continuous improvement of business education. Our mission is "to provide information, ideas, and insights related to international management education," so all pitches and story submissions should be crafted with that in mind. When prospective authors are considering what type of articles to submit to BizEd, we ask them to consider their schools' strengths and specialties, as well as the specific ideas or issues about which they are most passionate. We also welcome articles in which authors offer truly honest approaches to a topic. The strongest articles will describe how authors or schools have addressed their greatest challenges—not just focus on their biggest successes.

We do not publish content unless the schools or authors involved have strong connections, experience, and authority related to the topic. We look for descriptive articles focused on specific issues with points that are well-supported by firsthand experiences, personal observations, and real-world examples. We reject articles that are too generally written or broadly focused.

BizEd's tone is more journalistic and descriptive than scholarly, and for that reason we do not accept academic papers. We also reject material directed to audiences other than business educators.

Finally, we reject pitches that are intended merely to promote a school, business, or individual. Generally speaking, if the language is suitable for a school's website or marketing brochures, it probably is not suitable for BizEd.

Should I tailor my pitch to BizEd's editorial calendar?

Our editorial calendar includes a feature focus for each issue. Although it isn't necessary to link a pitch to our calendar, we do welcome pitches that relate to a calendar topic. Just keep the following in mind:

1. We typically work on an issue about four months prior to publication, and plan each issue even farther in advance. So, for example, if you have a story idea for the March issue, we would need to know about it by November.

2. We often have sources in mind when we put the calendar together, so even if your idea fits the theme well, we might not be able to use it in that particular issue.

3. You should not be constrained by the editorial calendar. We often publish only one or two stories related to our editorial focus in each issue, so please let us know of ideas even if they do not connect to a featured topic.

Should I submit an article idea before I create or send a draft?

We are happy to consider article proposals, drafts, or finished submissions. By approaching us first with an idea, you can discover whether it's something we would pursue. You should know that even if we express interest in a proposed idea, we cannot guarantee publication. But our feedback on an initial query could help you direct an article idea so that the finished submission is more likely to match our publication criteria.

How long should a feature article be?

Feature articles should be approximately 1,500 to 3,000 words in length. They should include all relevant information, such as detailed descriptions and examples that highlight your points. We prefer to receive an article that exceeds the word limit but includes all the pertinent information and incorporates strong examples than one that is at or under the word limit but omits the descriptions and examples that support its points. We can edit finished articles to meet our length requirements.

Does BizEd have a preferred formatting style?

We do not have a preferred font or margin setting for submissions, but we ask that articles be submitted as Word files, rather than as PDFs. Because BizEd is not a scholarly journal, our format doesn't accommodate footnotes and lists of references, although we can work brief source attributions into the text during editing where appropriate.

What are BizEd's requirements for images?

Images submitted with articles must be saved in JPEG or TIFF format at a resolution of at least 300 dpi at a size large enough to be published. Head shots used in departments such as Research & Insights or People & Places must be at least 7/8" x 1.25". Other images must be approximately 3" x 4" or larger.

How does BizEd review submissions for publication?

Submissions are reviewed by BizEd editors and members of its advisory council and are based on three criteria:

1. The article or idea is of potential interest to readers.
2. The article conveys your enthusiasm about the topic.
3. The depth and quality of the writing is evident.

You should receive our publication decision within six weeks after we receive your submission.

Once my submission is accepted, how long will it take to appear in print?

It takes between six to 18 months before an accepted submission appears in print. However, if we accept a submission that is a perfect fit to something we're currently working on, we might decide to publish it more quickly.

If we accept your submission for our rotating departments such as Research & Insights, Ideas in Action, or People & Places, it will appear in an issue approximately three to four months later. Accepted submissions for Your Turn, our op-ed department, will appear in an issue approximately six to 12 months later.

Do you publish letters to the editor?

We do. Please send your thoughts and feedback by email to, or by mail to 777 South Harbour Island Blvd., Suite 750, Tampa, Florida, 33602 (USA). 

Do you have submission requirements for BizEd departments?

Here are our requirements for submitting an item to Your Turn, Research & Insights, Ideas in Action, or People & Places:

Your Turn
Our op-ed section features essays written by business school deans, faculty, practitioners, and students that explore personal viewpoints on business education topics. Submissions should be approximately 1,300 words and include a photograph of the author.

BizEd also is actively soliciting Your Turn columns to run as original pieces online at These pieces, which do not appear in the printed magazine, also should explore personal perspectives on management education, its challenges, its rewards, and its overarching purpose.

Research & Insights
This section showcases new sources of knowledge by and about management education by summarizing recent faculty research, survey results, conference highlights, and new business books. To share insights from your school, submit press releases or short articles about the events or findings.

Featured Books
To submit books to be considered for review, mail a copy to Sharon Shinn, BizEd, 8677 Litzsinger Road, Brentwood, MO 63144 (USA), or contact us at for more information. Please note: We receive dozens of books to consider, and we have room for about six to eight in every issue. We give preference to books written by deans and business faculty. We cannot acknowledge receipt of books because of the high volume that we receive. We do, however, send complimentary copies of the issue to the publishers or public relations representatives who send us the review copies. These copies serve as notification that a book has been reviewed. 

Ideas in Action
This department highlights innovative ideas, approaches, or technologies that business schools have adopted in their courses, programs, admissions, career services, or other aspects of their operations. Submit printed materials, a website link, or other written descriptions related to the topic. Submissions also can include appropriate photos or other illustrations, if images are sent in a high-resolution (300 dpi) JPEG or TIFF format. Submissions are selected based on the originality of the idea presented and the quality of materials provided.

People & Places
This section contains school and faculty news from around the world regarding new programs/collaborations, honors/awards, new leadership appointments, student activities, grants/donations, new facilities, research initiatives, technology, and other b-school announcements. Because of space limitations, we are unable to include news of new faculty appointments.

To submit an item for consideration for the People & Places section, please send press releases or straightforward descriptions with all pertinent details (what, when, where, who, and why) to us at Although we cannot always include images in our print issue because of space limitations, we appreciate receiving images when applicable (head shots for dean appointments, images of new buildings, etc.) for possible inclusion. We require high-resolution images saved at 300 dpi in JPEG or TIFF format.

I send you many press releases from our school, but I never see them used in your departments. Why not?

Unfortunately, we have limited space in our departments, so we cannot include every news announcement we receive. We always include dean appointments, dean retirements, and major gifts above 5 million USD. We also include as many new program and partnership announcements as possible. With limited exceptions, we do not include announcements for new faculty or department chair appointments, because there are simply too many in the industry.

That said, we encourage every AACSB member school to include BizEd on its regular press release mailings. This is the best way to keep us informed of news from your school and to have your news included in our departments. 

What's the best way to follow up on materials that I've e-mailed to the BizEd editors?

For direct story pitches and submissions, please allow at least 24 hours before contacting us at for confirmation of receipt. It takes up to six weeks to review a submission and make a decision.

We don't confirm receipt of general press releases on appointments, donations, books, and other news.

What is the best way to get in touch with BizEd's editors?

Email us at Mail materials to us at 777 South Harbour Island Blvd., Suite 750, Tampa, Florida, 33602 (USA).


We look forward to hearing your stories—thank you for your interest in BizEd!